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Suboxone Clinic

About Our Experienced Team

Addiction Medicine Care A.M.C. is a private Office Based Opioid Treatment (OBOT) practice, serving adults and their families who struggle with opioid drug addiction. Our welcoming “boutique-style” atmosphere at our Suboxone clinic creates the ideal place for any drug abuser ready to make the bold steps toward their recovery.

We established our Suboxone clinic in 2011. With the cornerstone of our opioid rehab facility being built on protecting the anonymity of our patients, our team of professionals goes great lengths to ensure your treatment will always remain completely confidential. We understand that all of our patients have their own unique history with addiction and that is why Addiction Medication Care A.M.C. believes in developing well-thought out treatment plans that are tailored specifically to each of our patient’s individual needs. Our Suboxone clinic is here to help take your life back from opioid dependence or drug addiction.


“I really enjoyed the group counseling sessions. The counselor kept all the topics interesting and I liked how I was able to learn how to control the desire to use again…it was real and helped me take my life back.”


“Thank you A.M.C for all that you have done and continue to do for me. If not for your help I may not be here today. Everyone I’ve met there is so kind and I cannot thank you enough!”


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AMC of Nashville, TN
AMC of Nashville, TN

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