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What is a clean life? How do I live a clean life? What support groups help me live a clean life?  Do you or a loved one need drug addiction rehab? We offer drug addiction rehabilitation, support and drug abuse counseling.

At Addiction Medicine Care A.M.C., we help answer all your questions about addiction symptoms, the warning signs, the types of treatment and recovery. We are an office based opioid treatment practice serving any individual who struggles with addiction. Opioid medications such as prescription painkillers (oxycodone, morphine, hydrocodone, codeine, fentanyl and more) or heroin can be treated with our individualized recovery plans.

Get help for yourself, a loved one, a family member or a friend today at Addiction Medicine Care A.M.C. We’re here for you. We believe our comprehensive approach will be the most effective aid in helping overcome the grip of drug addiction. Learn more about addiction symptoms and how to get your life back at Addiction Medicine Care A.M.C. in Columbus, OH and Nashville, TN.

Drug Addiction Counseling At AMC

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Drug Addiction Counseling At AMC Drug addiction counseling is essential to opioid addiction and recovery. That is why counseling is required at AMC; we want our clients to have sustained long-term recovery. Clients at AMC have the advantage of support from compassionate, caring counselors with a wealth of experience in drug rehabilitation. A

The Admissions Process At AMC

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The Admissions Process At AMC “It takes just one phone call.” You hear this statement so many times to get a person to act, or take that first step. But for those struggling with heroin and opioid dependence, the fear of making that phone call can be overwhelming. At AMC, we want to

5 Tips For Avoiding Relapse During The Holidays

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5 Tips For Avoiding Relapse During The Holidays For someone in recovery, the holidays can be a hard time. The holidays can be stressful and even depressing and many in recovery find they are tempted to relapse to cope. Here are 5 tips to having a “Holly, Jolly Christmas” without relapse. Put Your

Fighting The Opioid Crisis With New Legislation

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Fighting The Opioid Crisis With New Legislation We all know someone who has lost a life or had devastating consequences from opioid misuse. Preliminary numbers in 2017 show that in the US we lose more than 131 lives each day to opioid overdose. Congress reached a consensus on legislation, called the Support for

Working During Opioid Treatment and Recovery

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Working During Opioid Treatment And Recovery Many who struggle with opioid or heroin dependency really do wish for help and treatment leading to a better life. However, the thoughts of seeking treatment and taking time off work just isn’t a realistic possibility. Because of their addiction, many are already struggling financially. Others have


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Steps To Protect Your Family From Opioid Abuse We all know someone struggling with opioid or heroin addiction. With 142 Americans dying every day from an opioid overdose, drug overdose is now the leading cause of death for Americans under age 50. With these alarming stats, it is of utmost importance to take

Breaking The Fear of Getting Help For Opioid Addiction

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Breaking The Fear of Getting Help For Opioid Addiction Many that need help for heroin or opioid addiction never get it. An alarming number choose not to enter treatment because of the embarrassment of what others may think.   The sad fact is that those suffering from addiction not only face stigma from the

Opioid Recovery: Get Organized

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Opioid Recovery: Get Organized Opioid abusers tend to be disorganized. When our lives are in chaos, we don’t always handle situations as we should and we open the door to making poor decisions and allowing undo stress in our lives. In recovery, it is important to get away from the chaos and disorganization

College Students And Opioid Addiction

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College Students And Opioid Addiction Even though college students are one of the largest groups of drug abusers, opioid abuse with college students usually doesn’t come to mind. More commonly, it is thought that college students may experiment with substances such as alcohol, marijuana, adderall, and MDMA (molly). Although it is true that

Marriage And Addiction Recovery

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Marriage And Addiction Recovery Opioid addiction can rip through a marriage leaving feelings of terrible hurt, mistrust, and hopelessness. The good news is there is help for the addicted and marriages can be rebuilt to be stronger than ever. When your spouse is in recovery, you can help change the negative effects of