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By | 2018-09-20T01:31:32+00:00 September 20th, 2018|A Clean Life, Opioid Addiction|

Steps To Protect Your Family From Opioid Abuse We all know someone struggling with opioid or heroin addiction. With 142 Americans dying every day from an opioid overdose, drug overdose is now the leading cause of death for Americans under age 50. With these alarming stats, it is of utmost importance to take

Breaking The Fear of Getting Help For Opioid Addiction

By | 2018-09-29T21:27:15+00:00 September 17th, 2018|A Clean Life|

Breaking The Fear of Getting Help For Opioid Addiction Many that need help for heroin or opioid addiction never get it. An alarming number choose not to enter treatment because of the embarrassment of what others may think.   The sad fact is that those suffering from addiction not only face stigma from the

Opioid Recovery: Get Organized

By | 2018-09-27T13:43:01+00:00 August 17th, 2018|A Clean Life, Drug Recovery|

Opioid Recovery: Get Organized Opioid abusers tend to be disorganized. When our lives are in chaos, we don’t always handle situations as we should and we open the door to making poor decisions and allowing undo stress in our lives. In recovery, it is important to get away from the chaos and disorganization

College Students And Opioid Addiction

By | 2018-08-16T14:12:35+00:00 August 16th, 2018|A Clean Life, Addiction Symptoms, Signs of Drug Abuse, Substance Abuse|

College Students And Opioid Addiction Even though college students are one of the largest groups of drug abusers, opioid abuse with college students usually doesn’t come to mind. More commonly, it is thought that college students may experiment with substances such as alcohol, marijuana, adderall, and MDMA (molly). Although it is true that

Marriage And Addiction Recovery

By | 2018-08-16T13:19:53+00:00 July 15th, 2018|A Clean Life, Drug Recovery, Sobriety|

Marriage And Addiction Recovery Opioid addiction can rip through a marriage leaving feelings of terrible hurt, mistrust, and hopelessness. The good news is there is help for the addicted and marriages can be rebuilt to be stronger than ever. When your spouse is in recovery, you can help change the negative effects of

Identifying Addiction Relapse Triggers

By | 2018-08-16T13:44:34+00:00 July 15th, 2018|A Clean Life, Drug Recovery, Sobriety|

Identifying Addiction Relapse Triggers Those seeking life long recovery from opioid addiction must identify and be aware of their relapse triggers. During the recovery process it is not uncommon for an addict to relapse, returning briefly to their drug of choice. Although this may be a part of the recovery process for some,

Continuing Education And Opioid Addiction Recovery

By | 2018-09-27T15:15:18+00:00 June 19th, 2018|A Clean Life, Sobriety|

Continuing Education And Opioid Addiction Recovery Overcoming addiction gives a person hope for a life of limitless possibilities. With a new positive outlook on life, many start thinking about continuing their education. For some, it may be going back to high school or passing the General Education Development (GED) exam.  With others, it

Fentanyl and The Opioid Crisis

By | 2018-09-27T16:14:24+00:00 June 17th, 2018|Drug Recovery, Opioid Addiction|

Fentanyl and The Opioid Crisis Even with opioid addiction gaining national attention, overdose death rates from synthetic opioids (other than methadone) have more than doubled.  This in part is a result of illicitly manufactured fentanyl. What is Fentanyl and Why is it Leading the Opioid Crisis? Fentanyl is an opioid prescribed to treat

Opioid Addiction Treatment and Nutrition

By | 2018-06-17T16:28:20+00:00 May 17th, 2018|Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment, Drug Recovery, Opioid Addiction|

Opioid Addiction Treatment and Nutrition Nutrition is not usually considered when a person is thinking of going through opioid or heroin detox and recovery. Good nutrition gives the body the nutrients it needs to help the body and mind recover. We know that effective treatment for opioid addiction consists of medication-assisted treatment, combined

Opioid Addiction Treatment and Exercise

By | 2018-09-27T17:50:49+00:00 May 16th, 2018|A Clean Life, Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment, Opioid Addiction, Sobriety|

Opioid Addiction Treatment and Exercise Opioid addiction can be treated effectively with medication-assisted treatment and counseling. In addition to professional care, exercise is found to be beneficial in opioid detox and the recovery process. Opioid addiction causes havoc with the chemical balance in the brain. As a result, a person who has abused