Stop Enabling Opioid Addiction

Enabling Opioid AddictionIt is very hard to watch a loved one struggle and suffer with opioid addiction. Our first instinct is to help the addicted by covering their problem. With opioid addiction, protecting someone from the consequences of their addiction allows them to continue. In our efforts to help, we are actually causing more harm.

Signs You Are Enabling Addiction

It isn’t easy to admit that you are enabling a loved one’s addiction because you really just want to be supportive. Below are a few signs that you may be enabling a loved one’s addiction:

  • Covering the addiction by making excuses or even lying about behavior
  • Avoiding confrontation by ignoring what is obviously happening
  • Giving money or paying bills for the loved one because they are suffering financially from the addiction
  • Participating in risky behavior with the loved one
  • Putting their needs before your own

If you recognize any of these behaviors in yourself, it is time to change your behavior and offer help in a more productive way.

Steps To Stop Enabling

This is hard to do but you are going to have to allow your loved one to experience consequences of the drug use.

Set boundaries: Do not cover up the negative behaviors from the addiction by lying, ignoring addiction signs, paying bills, taking on their responsibilities, etc.

Stay Strong: Don’t give in to manipulation. You need to separate your emotions from doing what you know is best to help your loved one.

Love, Encourage, and Support: Let your loved one know you are there for them and encourage behavior that shows you know they can recover. Let them know you love them and that long term recovery is possible with professional help. Be prepared to know how and where they can get help. AMC Nashville is here for your loved one. We offer Medication-Assisted Treatment with counseling and caring support in a welcoming environment.

It is very difficult to watch someone you love suffer from opioid addiction. Help them take their life back.

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