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Opioid Addiction HelpWe hear quite often in the news about the opioid crisis, opioid addiction, and sadly most have lost a friend or family member due to opioid overdose. However those who suffer from opioid addiction rarely get help. It is estimated that only 10% of people who need treatment get it.

Why is this? The reasons are many and change from person to person. Perhaps the addicted is embarrassed by the addiction so getting help means there is a problem. Nothing is embarrassing about having a disease and getting help. Others have tried to quit on their own several times but the withdrawal symptoms are too severe. Medication-Assisted Treatment helps reduce withdrawal symptoms significantly. Some are completely in denial and others can’t see their way out of the downward spiral they are in. Help is available and lasting recovery is possible. Others say they will work on their addiction eventually…just not now.

The truth is that NOW is the time to get help for your addiction. Here are a few reasons why today is the day to get treatment.

Opioid Use Gets Worse With Time

This is because of tolerance. The more of a substance a person consumes, the more the brain adapts to that level of the drug. In time this requires you to take more of the drug to get the same effect. So the sooner you detox the body off the drug, the better.

The Consequences Of Addiction Gets Worse With Time 

There are countless negative consequences from opioid addiction. Here are a few of the more common consequences.

FINANCES: Many who struggle with opioid abuse struggle with finances. Just supplying the addiction alone can be costly. Employment requires attendance, reliability, and “being your best” which makes it hard for many opioid abusers to keep employment. Others may experience legal fees because of their addiction. Don’t let addiction hurt your finances any longer!

RELATIONSHIPS: Addiction is hard on relationships. Bad behavior such as lying, stealing, and cheating become common because of addiction. The addict can no longer be depended on or trusted. It is very hard and stressful for a family member to watch drug addiction destroy a loved one’s life. Your loved ones deserve better. Get help Now!

HEALTH: When taken too long, opioids can negatively affect how the body operates. Accidents have increased because of opioid addiction. Opioid abuse also causes damage to the brain and psychological functioning. Long-term opioid use can lead to opioid-induced constipation and sexual dysfunction. Most severely though is the harm to the respiratory system, which is behind most overdoses and fatalities.

Opioid Addiction Can Take Your Life

Every day, more than 130 people die from opioid overdose in the US. That is more than 47,000 drug overdose deaths that involve opioids, heroin, and synthetic opioids such as fentanyl.

Now Is The Time To Seek Treatment

No one suffering from addiction is truly happy and experiencing the best of what life has to offer. An addict is controlled by their addiction. The good news is with getting treatment, you can break the stronghold of addiction and take your life back!

You deserve a better life. There is no reason to delay. AMC is here to help and give you hope. We will provide you with an individualized treatment plan that will put you on the road to life long recovery. Call us today!

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