Drug Addiction Counseling At AMC

Drug Addiction CounselingDrug addiction counseling is essential to opioid addiction and recovery. That is why counseling is required at AMC; we want our clients to have sustained long-term recovery. Clients at AMC have the advantage of support from compassionate, caring counselors with a wealth of experience in drug rehabilitation.

A comprehensive assessment takes place at the client’s first visit at AMC and from that a counseling approach is developed. In order for clients to attend counseling sessions throughout various time demands, sessions are offered at many times, with flexible scheduling.

Benefits of Counseling

Simply put, counseling makes you stronger; it is a positive reinforcement that provides guidance to living a drug free life. Counseling helps you understand your addiction. It helps identify what circumstances/thoughts/feelings that are the root cause of the addiction. Triggers for relapse are identified and tools are given to fight these triggers. Those suffering from addiction commonly struggle with regret, shame, and hurt and this is addressed. Unfortunately for many, counseling is the only positive reinforcement they receive. However, regardless of the outside support, it is imperative to get counseling from an experienced drug rehab counselor.

Forms of Counseling Offered at AMC

Not all forms of counseling are for everyone. Some may feel comfortable in a group, others prefer complete anonymity or feel at least in the beginning of their recovery more at ease with individual counseling.

One-On-One Counseling

One-on-one counseling provides complete confidentiality of the addiction and recovery journey of a client. Each session is personalized towards education, learning about oneself, and giving the tools to lead a positive, productive life free from substance abuse.

Group Counseling

For many, identifying with others that are on the road to recovery is very helpful. For some who may be embarrassed to ask a question, it may be asked or talked about by another in recovery. Learning from others that have “been there” gives hope, as well as getting support and motivation from a group can be invaluable.

Family Counseling

Addiction affects the entire family. Relationships have been stressed in the least if not severely damaged because of addiction. Help is received in Family Counseling sessions to begin the healing process. The family learns how to support and communicate best to help their loved one in recovery and the patient learns how to communicate and build relationships that have been hurt.

AMC Offers Support Throughout The Recovery Process

If you are struggling with opioid addiction, you are not alone. Our caring compassionate staff is here for you to get your life back. With medication-assisted treatment, counseling and support, our treatment plans are tailored specifically to meet your needs to give you the quality care you need and deserve.

If you are in the Nashville, TN surrounding areas, contact us and make 2019 the year of successful addiction recovery.

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