The Admissions Process At AMC

Detox Admissions Process“It takes just one phone call.” You hear this statement so many times to get a person to act, or take that first step. But for those struggling with heroin and opioid dependence, the fear of making that phone call can be overwhelming.

At AMC, we want to take that fear away. We know that heroin and opioid dependence can happen to anyone. Don’t be concerned that when you walk through our doors you will be judged in any way. We are here for you! We want to help you overcome your struggle with addiction.

Admissions – What To Expect

We understand that this was a hard decision for you to get treatment but we are thankful you are here and are happy you are taking the first steps to get your life back. Our staff at AMC strives to make your admissions process a great start to your treatment by providing a welcoming and caring environment. We want you to feel comfortable to ask any questions or concerns you have about your treatment.

First Steps

  1. Make An Appointment – Give us a call at our Nashville office. Our admission hours are every day but Sunday from 8:30am to 4pm.
  2. Come To Appointment Being 1 Day Drug Free – You must be 24 to 36 hours clean and experiencing mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms. If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask when you make the appointment.
  3. Have A Driver Bring You – As you will be experiencing withdrawal symptoms, we recommend to have someone drive you to your first appointment. If you have a supportive family member or friend that you want with you during your appointment, we welcome them also.
  4. Bring An ID and Insurance Card – We will need an Ohio State ID or Tennessee ID for our records, along with your insurance card.

What Happens At My Appointment

We will take an extensive assessment of your background history. Please be honest during this time as we want to give you the best individualized treatment; making it important to have accurate background information. Remember, your treatment is completely confidential.

A blood analysis and urine sample will be taken, and females will be given a pregnancy test. Based on your history and test results, a certified physician will develop an individualized treatment program for you. You will receive your first dose of medication, which will help suppress withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings. You will immediately start to feel better and after an hour will be able to leave the clinic.

Before you leave, we will set up a time for you to come in next to meet with your counselor. Drug rehab counseling is extremely important in your recovery. The number of counseling sessions per week will be discussed between you and your counselor. We make available one-on-one, group, and family counseling. We strive to make counseling convenient to you by offering flexible time schedules.

Let Us Help You

By offering top-notch compassionate care, high quality yet affordable medication-assisted treatment, and drug rehab counseling, we provide you the support needed throughout your recovery process. If you are struggling with heroin or opioid dependence, it really does take just one phone call to get started towards a better tomorrow. Please call now.

Privacy Guaranteed. No Commitment.

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