Working During Opioid Treatment And Recovery

Many who struggle with opioid or heroin dependency really do wish for help and treatment leading to a better life. However, the thoughts of seeking treatment and taking time off work just isn’t a realistic possibility. Because of their addiction, many are already struggling financially. Others have a family to support and believe they have let their loved ones down in so many ways they are not going to “risk their jobs” and let their families down financially.   Thus, taking time off from work is just not an option.

The good news is, with Medical-assisted treatment (MAT) you can get the opioid treatment you need and still work.

Opioid Treatment

It’s Not Necessary To Not Work During Opioid Treatment

It is true that some struggling with opioid addiction are able to “get away” for a month and go to an in-house facility where they can concentrate full-time in conquering their addiction and healing. For others, because of finances and other responsibilities, getting away isn’t feasible. With medical-assisted treatment (MAT) using Buprenorphine medications such as Suboxone, Zubsolv, or Bunavail, a patient can stay in treatment by suppressing withdrawal symptoms and reducing cravings with the right dose of medication during detox and maintenance. The medication is taken and prescribed with the first visit of seeing the doctor, and from that point on the medication is taken at the home of the patient. The withdrawal symptoms and cravings with opioid treatment are reduced allowing the patient to work and also concentrate on the counseling needed to have a successful recovery.

Flexible Times To Schedule Your Appointments

At A.M.C. we offer flexible times to schedule your Doctor visits and Counseling visits. We are open Monday thru Saturday. With the first month of treatment you may see the doctor twice, but after that, as long as your test remains clean, you may only see the doctor once a month to make prescription dosage adjustments when necessary. Based on your individual treatment plan, some patients go to counseling 3 times a week while other may have counseling once a week. We work hard to give you a balance of counseling and support while you continue with the your new life. Life does not stop when you are in recovery. You still have work, family and other responsibilities that are necessary to maintain. Keep in mind though, that your recovery needs to be at the top of your list and some things can be “put to the side” until you are farther in your recovery.

VIP Program

For some, complete anonymity or because of your job schedule no wait time is important. For those patients, we offer a VIP program. VIP patients receive the same individual treatment plans as our other patients but are only seen by our staff members. Please call us to get more information about this program if it is something that would work best for you.

Work During Recovery Is Possible

We want you to get your life back by receiving high quality, affordable opioid addiction treatment that works with your work schedule. We don’t want you to believe that work and financial responsibilities gives you an excuse to not get the treatment you need. You can have both! Contact us today!

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