Breaking The Fear of Getting Help For Opioid Addiction

Breaking The Fear & Getting Help For Opioid AddictionMany that need help for heroin or opioid addiction never get it. An alarming number choose not to enter treatment because of the embarrassment of what others may think.   The sad fact is that those suffering from addiction not only face stigma from the public in general, but also from their family and friends. Education efforts are being made to make all realize that being judged for having a disease is simply unfair. It is not helpful in any way to judge others for their addiction. A person that needs treatment for addiction should know that seeking treatment is the best positive step that can be made towards a productive future.

Another reason some don’t seek treatment is the fear of the unknown about treatment. What will treatment be like? Will the staff treat me in a demeaning way? Do I need to talk to the staff about my drug history? Is the withdrawal process uncomfortable? All of these are thoughts that are very common. At AMC drug rehab facility, we give the utmost respect and care for our clients. We understand that the client is battling a medical illness and is not seeking treatment because of a lack of willpower, a moral weakness or has chosen a drug dependent life. We understand our clients want to rid their life of a habit that meets a physical and emotional need and we want to provide help and support to get them on the road to recovery.

What to Expect When Entering Treatment

Our staff at AMC will provide a safe, welcoming environment for each client. With your first visit, the staff physician will meet one-on-one with you and determine the treatment plan best for you. You will be put on a medication-assisted treatment plan that will help you detox from the drug with minimal withdrawal symptoms and it will help with cravings. During the second visit, patients once again meet with the physician to determine if dosage adjustments need to be made and the patient will meet with a counselor and a counseling approach will be determined.

AMC offers one-on-one counseling, group counseling, and family counseling with caring, experienced drug rehab counselors.   We offer flexible times that will fit best into our patients’ schedules. Patients attend counseling 1 to 3 times per week, based on their needs. AMC also offers a VIP Opioid Patient Program for our clients that desire complete anonymity while in the clinic. In this program, a patient receives the same individualized programs, but is not seen by other patients, only staff.

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Remember, help is available. If you are struggling with heroin or opioid addiction, pick up the phone and call. Be proud of your decision to change your life and know that you are seeking treatment from those that will help and support you in your decision. If you have a loved one needing help, please reach out and encourage them to get the help they need and deserve. Your love, encouragement, and understanding of the place they are in their life may be what is needed for them to make that first step towards seeking treatment. It takes one confidential call  AMC Nashville to get started on the road to recovery from heroin or opioid addiction. Make that call now!

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