Opioid Recovery: Get Organized

Opioid abusers tend to be disorganized. When our lives are in chaos, we don’t always handle situations as we should and we open the door to making poor decisions and allowing undo stress in our lives. In recovery, it is important to get away from the chaos and disorganization in life as much as possible.

Organization changes a person’s attitude and mood and is helpful towards life long recovery. Those who have struggled with opioid addiction tend to fail on finishing the basic daily tasks. They probably fell behind on basic care of themselves; their hair may look unkept, clothes not clean, etc. Likewise, normal basic tasks such as cleaning the house, getting groceries, paying bills, and mowing the grass may have not been completed because an addict is ruled by instant gratification.

First of all, addicts in recovery are encouraged to start each day off in a good way. Getting a good start to the day means getting up and having time to take a shower, get dressed, and eat breakfast rather than throwing something on and feeling dirty and unkept the entire day. It is the little things that make a difference in recovery. Having a home that is clean gives a person a much better feeling when coming home than walking in to a dirty disaster zone; we all have been there!

Make A List

The great news is that it is never too late to get organized. First of all,  identify the things that must get done in a day/week and then concentrate on accomplishing the tasks with time management.   Think about what you spend time doing and then make a list of what you do. A list will look something like this:

  • Personal care – sleep, personal hygiene
  • Recovery – support group, counseling
  • Meals – grocery, prep, cooking, dishes
  • Family – family care, events, socialization time, children’s events
  • Spiritual – church, prayer, devotions
  • Exercise – walk, tennis
  • Household duties – clean, pay bills, mow grass, laundry
  • Entertainment/social – watch tv, volunteer, visit a friend, read a book
  • Work or school – work outside or in the home, school schedule

Prioritize your list and from that make a schedule each day for the week. You may find you were spending more time on things that really were not a priority to you. Try to keep a balanced life of staying healthy and well rounded with giving yourself enjoyable activities throughout your day and week.

The goal is to have more structure and consistency in your life hence giving you peace without the feelings of being overwhelmed which brings on stress. Will every day go as planned? We all know the answer to that! Just relax, take a deep breath, and revise your daily schedule in your head. Understand you can’t do it all and certainly don’t be afraid when plans start to get impossible or out of control to ask for help from someone else in the home or a supportive family member or friend. Above all, your recovery has to remain a priority and organization is important for life long recovery.

Help is Available

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